Halal Certification India

Halal Certification India

Dealing with many production procedures and certification requirements, we are been able to support the need of all food chains. HALAL Certification is the certification provided by HALAL trust, a non government organization. HALAL Certification is provided to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, slaughter houses and to production units that manufacture processed food.

Halal Certification

It is the certification that is designed according to Islamic laws for edible items. Thus it is very useful for the catering companies, various food chains, canteens and hotels.

Samrat association contains experienced envoys to held inspection of units of clients who seek the HALAL Certification. We provide supportive guideline for the implement plans for major improvements. It helps most to export food products in Islamic countries.

  • It includes cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • It also includes dairy products, product ingredients, nutritional supplements and all kinds of processed food
  • It cover ups storage and packaging of the food products
  • It is meant for quality
  • Enhance productivity with least wastage
  • Improve hygiene quality